We seek to continue PETEX’s longstanding tradition of embracing its core values and coupling it with a solid business foundation. In doing so, we plan to model PETEX’s current, proven methods as we expand our efforts in select areas across the nation fashioned to those philosophies and strategies principal to prior successes.


Our mission is to aggressively create value for our partners through a balanced mix of acquisitions, asset exploitation, developmental drilling, and exploration of quality oil and gas properties in mature areas. We will seek to accomplish this mission by:

Our strategy includes exploration to find new oil and gas reserves, development or exploitation projects that maximize recovery of reserves from existing fields, acquiring carefully selected producing properties in our areas of focus, employing new technologies to minimize operating costs and maximize production and pursuing competitive marketing relationships to maximize revenues.


We embrace our core values of honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect within our company every step of the way. We acknowledge and believe that these core principles are the true keys to success.